Affordable price, three options

Get extraordinary custom web design and consulting at competitive prices. We know that businesses and non-profits have to reckon with today’s economy and we are willing to work within your budget by offering WordPress CMS (content management) sites at 3 price points. We welcome small businesses, artisans and entrepreneurs to call us to see what we can do for them.

What do we do for you at the low end of the price range? We schedule an interview where I present an agreement that outlines what is expected by both parties to get the job done. Usually, the client provides the imagery, including logo, digital photographs and copy.

We decide together what pages you will need and how many. Any pages over 7 will require additional fee of $100 per page. Copy that you provide will be edited by us for search engine optimization and grammar. I can provide you with photographs and graphics including logo for an additional fee.

I provide you with two theme options after taking color, typography and style into consideration. We help you find a domain name or point the domain you have to our preferred host company. After carefully working out the IA (Information architecture) of your site, the text and pages are populated into the theme. Up to 5 Widgets are placed and configured. Up to 5 Plug-ins are installed. Up to 3 Slide shows are made. Up to 3 social network buttons are activated. Site owners are then able to make comments and changes to the layout.

Finally, we provide WP training and support for one month. Clients always feel comfortable calling with any questions. If you are not comfortable maintaining your own site, we charge $80 per hour, minimum one hour.